Generator for Kokoda Hospital

KMF under the leadership of Len Thompson was able to procure a 65KVA generator for Kokoda hospital. The generator was donated by Maroochydore RSL. It was put in a shipping container and shipped to Mackay by Mackay haulage. It was then loaded with used clothing, cooking utensils, push bikes and medical supplies. Again with the support of Mackay haulage it was transported to Townsville port and shipped to Oro bay. NBPOL then transported the container to Kokoda.

The team of volunteers headed by Jamie installed the generator in the hospital. The other gear was distributed to the villages in the surrounding area. The medical supplies were given to the hospital and the some of the bikes were given to the school teachers. The in team plumber repaired the septic system and solar hot water for the rotary huts.
The rest of the volunteers also worked on the rotary huts. Mackay regional Council supported to workers to Repairs small machinery. They spent most of their time in the workshop of the hospital repairing generators, lawnmowers and edge trimmer. The total at the end of the week was 102 repairs not counting the ones they could not repair which will be left for the next time.

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