Owers Corner Memorial

KMF organises the fabrication, transportation, and assembly of the Owers’ Corner Memorial Archway. As the design was finalised by Dr Ross Basstian the final funds were being raised for the materials such as the steel in the archway, the numerous plaques that would adorn the column and logistics of getting to PNG.

After several months of work involved in fabricating the archway and countless hours with Arrow Foundry who cast the bronze plaques the materials were all loaded on a RAAF C-130 Hercules transport plane for the trip to PNG. At Port Moresby all materials and volunteers headed for Owers’ corner for the 6-day build. In no time foundations were poured and the six columns erected. The ‘ridge’ line top sections were lifted in position and welded. The whole structure was painted and the plaques fixed to the columns. The rising star emblem was eventually fixed in place to top off the memorial.

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