Replace the Butch and Stan Bisset plaque

In 2013 KMF was asked to replace the small plaque to Butch and Stan Bisset. The plaque was located on a rock near Alola village. After consultation with the Bisset family it was decided to replace the small plaque on the rock and then install a larger plaque on the site where butch died in Stan’s arms. The villagers were approached and with their permission the project commenced. In return to allow KMF to install a larger plaque the land owners requested if KMF could install a new water supply for the village as the local spring stops running in the dry season.

The main water supply is 600m from the village. KMF approached Tradelink plumbing supplies through Superior plumbing and they provided the 600 m of poly pipe. The next item for KMF to fundraise was for a helicopter to deliver the plaque and the pipe to the village. Stan Bisset was a Wallaby in 1939 team and it was decided to make a 1939 replica jumper and request all the living Wallaby captains to sign the jumper, the auction it off. In August 2014, KMF installed the new plaque on the rock at Alola village.

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